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Malaysia's Richest Man Top 10 Wealth destruction

A total of paper losses RM 19.82 billion was loss in 6 week by Top 10 Malaysia's richest man. Robert Kuok is on the top of the list with loss RM 8.69 billion in 6 week time, the global credit crunch and downward spiral of the stock market have reduced the number of billionaires in Malaysia.

Robert Kuok (-RM8.69B)
49.1% of PPB Group
53.1% of Kerry Properties (HKEX)
49.6% of Shangri-La Asia Ltd (HKEX)
3.42% of Wilmar (SGX)
34.5% of Malaysia Bulk Carrier

Ananda Krishnan (-RM0.69B)
42.4% of Astro
30.9% of Tanjong Plc
59.6% of Measat Global

Lee Shin Cheng (-RM3.86B)
41.9% of IOI Corp

Teh Hong Piow (-RM1.11B)
24.1% of Public Bank

The late Lim Goh Tong & Family (-RM1.32B)
39.5% of Genting
8.9% of Genting Int

Quak Leng Chan (-RM3.31B)
71.8% of Guoco Group (HKEX)
52.4% of Hong Leong Financial Group
67.8% of Hong Leong Industries

Yeoh Tiong Lay (-RM0.23B)
71.4% of YTL Corp

Syed Mokhtar Albukhary (-RM0.27B)
51.8% of MMC Corp
71.5% of Tradewinds Corp
43.0% of Tradewinds (M)
15.4% of DRB-Hicom

Vincent Tan (-RM0.38B)
57.4% of Berjaya Corp
5.58% direct stake in Berjaya Sports Toto
4.62% direct stake in Berjaya Land

Tiong Hiew King (-RM0.30B)
52.5% of Media Chinese Int
28.4% of Jaya Tiasa
49.6% of Subur Tiasa


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