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Dow Jones Industrial Average Is On The Way Down

Dow Jones Industrial Average chart is on the way down, the same pattern also happen in S&P500 so US economic and Euro is not getting better. From last 2008 crisis, US had hide they problem till last moment it blow out and cause world economic crisis. If you still remember by that time KLCI index is in highest of the history.

Big money always mark up the share before they sale, just that sometime they holding is too huge to run away completely. Soon or later FBM KLCI index will follow the drop and during August and September will be the best time, now the big money still holding up the share market and when they out of the market they will drop it dip into the bottom.


Ivan July 20, 2010 at 1:49 PM  

Hi Bro,

Quite a few days did not see u upload article on your blog. Yup. Mkt are bear, but a lot of investor are expect higher earning from US company...

Apple, yahoo, seem may annouce good result and push DJIA move toward 10500 level before it may pull back.

While for local, we are waiting for pbank earning result.. .perhaps it may give us a suprise?

Durian Edge July 21, 2010 at 8:45 AM  

Hi Ivan,

This few days a bit bz with work. I think this few week share market will be good and if you still remember on year early 2008, KLCI index hits history high before the recension came. So history show that market always give us a short.

Short term investment still ok on now but for long term will be on risky.

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