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FBM KLCI Close Up Positively

Most of the FDI investor in Malaysia market is from China, they not only invest into Malaysia share market but also in Property. Due to that Malaysia house price going up strongly and last time 10 years ago, we may need to pay installment for 20 years to buy a house but now we need 30 years or more. China investor is helping us to grow better or will made ours life more harder? FBM KLCI may likely to hits 1,420 very soon.


I-notice August 28, 2010 at 1:02 AM  

KLCI mainly bluechip only have major volume, the rest is... half dead fish? the points is very "xue" ... unreal la. when the bluechip stop performing or locked profit, it will slides very steep.

unbelievable nowadays landed property can go into millions liao?? is this the "bubble growth" of property that is fueling GDP?? every transaction made; generates gross value. and is demand is there?? office rental is down... but rakyat are bullish about residence ah?? come on... what we see is, is someone is manipulating large amount of cash through the banking side.

*just my two sen opinion la

Durian Edge August 28, 2010 at 3:08 PM  

Hi l-notice

FBM KLCI index is calculate base on 30 share and mostly is blue chip is for this purpose because this will more easy for government to manipulate the index and giving a wrong picture about Malaysia economic to us.

However the government did not know that most of us did not buy this manipulation. With a high house price plus refinance loan from bank sure will make GDP up and FDI know this is wrong so they did not but mach of they money in Malaysia.

Since July till now FDI is flowing in but will they really invest into Malaysia? They may be buying up the share for they exit because they still had 17% in Malaysia share market.

World economic is in the edge of crisis so once it drop Malaysia share market will dip into a very big drop.

Ivan August 30, 2010 at 12:23 AM  

when the msia CI can go to 1000? msia Ci are been maniupulate but as a retail , we cannot say anything. .all is monopoli by gov..

how come SC chairman o ceo did not come out to ask , how come end of day CI can jump 2 -5 pts? y MP PR no ask this q to SC?

waiting for a pullback . .waiting the global to be "fresh"

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