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Gold - Alternative Investment

Malaysia stock markets are on a hold and are yet to resume their downtrends after Raya Holidays, I think. Due to US market is in warning zone, anytime bad news will flow out and market will fall without support.

US Treasury chief Paulson and Bernanke have used every trick in their book to prevent a bear market from materializing on Wall St, before the presidential election which now threatens to eject the Republicans from the White House.

The Federal reserve has tried to put a floor under the stock market by slashing the federal funds rate 325 basis points from a year ago to 2 % today, far below inflation. Futures traders in Chicago are betting on a 1/4 point cut on the Fed Funds rate in October as perhaps their final bullet to halt the down wave.

There is a possibility the US could declare an emergency- impose exchange controls and you could not get your money out. The US mint last week suspended the sale of American Eagle/ Buffalo gold coins. In 1932 Presendent Roosevelt in the US declaired an emergency and made it a criminal offense to hold gold coins or bars. There is a huge demand for gold in the US as a safe haven. Gold dealers are selling their stock of gold coins in some places at a 10 % premium to the gold price. If this happen again, Gold price will short sky high again.

I personal think that's now is the good time to keep gold, any down turn in market, US dollar drop or oil price up will result in price gold going up.


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My investment with RM5,000 initial capital have been growing since 2005.I found the stock market appears confusing and complicated, but it is most definitely based on logic "supply and demand". However, the laws of supply and demand as observed in the markets do not behave as one would expect. To be an effective trader, there is a great need to understand how supply and demand can be interpreted under different market conditions and how to take advantage of this Off Market Transactions in KLSE.

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