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Foreign Investor Is Making Profit

As world share dip yesterday, we still saw FBM KLCI been supported by local fund especially EPF, ours money. Foreign investor always buy low, push up the share and sell high to local fund. They really making a lot of money from Malaysia without building a single factory.

The is the answer why EPF always said make money but only give 6% dividend. Foreign fund is exiting Malaysia share market, US dollar value is high compare RM and FBM KLCI is making new high also. Look not logic!

BN still no yet announce the GE13 date so they still need to use EPF money to continues make the index higher to give a wrong picture to us. For sure now Malaysia share and economic is in real danger, be smart when invest in share market.


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My investment with RM5,000 initial capital have been growing since 2005.I found the stock market appears confusing and complicated, but it is most definitely based on logic "supply and demand". However, the laws of supply and demand as observed in the markets do not behave as one would expect. To be an effective trader, there is a great need to understand how supply and demand can be interpreted under different market conditions and how to take advantage of this Off Market Transactions in KLSE.

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