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My opinion it is better to lose opportunity than lose money

The Dow Jones is forming a rounding top- bearish. If Obama wins the Nov election expect a major bear market to begin. The Bush tax cuts will expire in Jan 2013. This will raise all taxes including dividends, capital gains, corporate taxes and a wealth tax on the rich. He desperately needs money to pay to those who do not work or produce.

If Romney wins expect a market collapse as Romney is on record that his first act will be to sack the Bernenk and put in a hard money man. Bailouts, stimulus will end. Expect a deflation and higher interest rates. This could kill the housing market recovery and put more out of work. Romney is not a socialist but he is power mad. Ron Paul is the only candidate I respect.

What to do ? Lighten up on any speculative shares you might have. Reduce exposure. Keep your gold and silver. Focus on high dividend Warren Buffet types of companies that can weather the storm. Avoid bonds.
In my opinion it is better to lose opportunity than lose money.


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