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Europe would bring on a crisis that would make the 2008 credit crisis seem like a walk in the park

“So, nothing changed, in that the can was kicked yet one more time. Still, we may look back in ten years and see that this was the beginning of a very different Europe. Right now, the political leaders seem to be signaling, with the exception of Britain, that they are ready to sign on. I think they actually mean it. And those of us in the rest of the world had better hope they figure it out. A fractured Europe would bring on a crisis that would make the 2008 credit crisis seem like a walk in the park. Especially as the world seems to be getting ready for a synchronized recession.”

The above commentary is from John Mauldin’s weekly Thoughts from the Frontline letter, in which the long-time market pundit provided his analysis of the latest sovereign debt developments in Europe.

Mauldin began by summarizing his argument: “We have come to the end of yet another European Summit that was supposed to be the one to fix the problem. If you are confused as to what happened then you are not alone. Was it something we will look back on in ten years and say, ‘This was where it all started,’ or will it be viewed as just another meeting in what will prove to be a string of even more meetings? I will argue that both views are the correct answer, depending on your frame of reference.”


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