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2011 Christmas And New Year Share Rally Unlikely

Poor outcome from European summit had cause share and gold price dip. Situation turn more badly when Feb meeting since no action on current situation.

International gold price had dip below USD1,600 per oz due to investor speculation where by physical gold price still keep in high rate (RM187/g for 916 gold) in compare with last feel month when gold just hits USD 1,550 level, 916 gold only cost RM172/g. Physical Gold still is the safe haven but not paper gold.

Due to most of the fund manager is not doing well in the market so now they year end bonus turn to paper gold, so if you invested in paper gold last month, now you already lose profit to paid fund manager bonus. Usually physical gold price is move along with paper gold but now the game play change because the policy maker need to make profit for they luxury holidays. That why China want they citizen to buy physical gold not paper gold.

With current situation, Christmas and New Year share rally is unlikely however big dip also unlikely because all the problem had forwarded to next year 2012. Next year share market will be a highly speculation game play paper gold market will like share market so best investment still is physical gold.


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