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BJTOTO Call Warrant Bring Huge Profit To CIMB & OSK

This month BJTOTO-CD and BJTOTO-CE will expire. This two call warrant value is equal to zero if BJTOTO share price below RM4.20, BJTOTO share price just drop below this level early of July with some negative news about 8% tax place by government.

This news roll out on July just on time to help CIMB and OSK call warrant issuer to made a huge profit because this two CW is equal to zero value, if you still had BJTOTO-CD on hand by now, your money just pay to CIMB for nothing in return. Next month August will had 20 CW expire so sale your CW will you still can.

Today Asia share market rebounds so same with FBM KLCI, now FBM KLCI is waiting a good news to fly back to above SMA50 level.


Ivan July 6, 2010 at 6:28 PM  


U are great!
Yup..the issuer can make sexy income.. they may keep selling the bjtoto-cw now at 4-6 cen .. :)

Anything sucess , mean they are locking the profit ..that y. ..our mkt still not fully develop, as they is no any law to makesure the price of a cw shall trade base on market price (at least).

As what i observe so far, that is 2 cw trade at discount. Tm-Ci and Axiata. I love tm-ci, and will expired on Sep 2010. If Tm-ci still trade at discount on sep, I might buy in. Of course, will run some research c whether the earning , dividend will be delcare around the period or not.

Market issuer are smart. Thus, retails investor who play cw/pw, shall know how to play in diff mkt scnario. Anyhow, I am bearish with mkt, and will temporarily not play any cw/ pw in term of our local mkt now. .

gd luck dude :D

Durian Edge July 7, 2010 at 7:46 AM  

Hi Ivan,

In the month of July, August and September the market will likely to move sideways. The big money will use news from US & Euro to manipulate the share market to help them made profit so for me I think buying CW that will expire in this 3 months is very risky.

The share may roll out some negative news just on time to make the share drop, like the 8% tax, I just know that this news already note by 4D company since mid of May but they just need the government to announce it when they know the best time for the news to roll out.

Axiata 3G investment in India need a lot of money so beware that the CW expire on August because they can roll out some news about their bonus issue may not so good to drop the CW.

Ivan July 7, 2010 at 8:09 AM  

thanks bro .. :)

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