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People rushing into Gold market

Gold price rally up since mid of May and now base on the chart, it forming a bullish pattern so it will likely gold price will move up higher this year.

Sure that is a reason why gold price going up. Gold always is a safe platform when share market is not safe, base on the demand of gold in the market sure all this big buyer know what really going to happen in the market.

Yesterday FBM KLCI show that the index is supported even most of the Asia share market was drop. If you think the market is supported and jump in now, you will drop into their trap. If the vol in this few day is low, FBM KLCI may supported well once vol move up, FBM KLCI will drop when Asia market dip and FBM KLCI may dip more that end of May dip.

Put some of your investment in Gold will always profitable because US already printing out money to support the market so sure gold value need to be up and soon Eurozone also will do the same to support the market and sure gold price will move more up.


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