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How Far KLCI May Go Without Foreign Direct Investments?

When Bank Negara review OPR up 0.25%, FBM KLCI index jump to 1,330 level without high vol support. We know FBM KLCI 30 share majority is from Bank and CIMB alone already carry a vary high weight to FBM KLCI index so the increase in FBM KLCI some time did not review the true of Malaysia economic status.

Some of my friends around me this year they company did not giving out bonus and some got 1 month bonus but no increment. Beside that, we also know FDI still drop since mid of last year and KLCI index calculation change to 30 share around 4Q2009. I think government know the situation is did not getting any better so it will better change the index calculation to form a wrong picture for 'rakyat' to see. By logic how come share index going up and up with FDI fund going low and low. It also show that when government buy up the share that FDI sale out they share, make profit and go out from Malaysia.

FDI also will help increase jobs available in Malaysia and also property value so if FDI continues to flow out sure in near future we may facing less job option. Now what we see on KLCI rally up is without a solid foundation and did not review the true of Malaysia economic, the index is just support by share from bank sector so I think the best and safe place to put your money is by invest into bank share like PBank and Maybank. As long as Najib in power CIMB will be the best stock pick.


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