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PBBANK Silence Accumulate Share In Process

PBBANK share price have cap between RM10.90 to RM11.00 since November and in December the price like did not move at all by keeping the price at cap between RM10.94 To RM11.00. Ever time a buy up will come with a sale down by seeing the chart the share have been accumulate in low price. Sure some news will going to roll out soon at early of next year and I think it is not the financial report that going to roll out by around 20 Jan 2010.

Buy and sale have keep in balance for some time and the accumulate chart has start to move into positive zone however, to get the sign of PBBANK share price will rally up to RM11.30 still need the RSI to turn. If this few day RSI turn down it mean they is high possibility this if silence sale out share without pull down the share price and it may have bad news so if the RSI turn positive thing will go another ways.

PBBANK is a solid share with high dividend payout so keep an eye on it, this may be a opportunity to make profit for Chinese News Year.


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