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Economic Fundamentals Is Not Sure But Share Market Confident Is Back

I'm not sure economic fundamentals is good or not but what I sure is share market confident is strong due to KLCI index is supported strongly. One thing surprise me is that they are still people did not know KLCI now is caculated by 30 share and banking system & plantation top 5 share will affect KLCI above 50%!

So I think most of the retail investor with regular invest base on KLCI index will see market is getting better and supported. Because of that if they buy in penny share so sure the share they buy drop to zero also unaffected KLCI index. Now market really full of confident, I think this time government is vary smart by change the KLSE index base on 30 share to get confident into the share market.

I think this time is a golden time to invest into all the FBM KLCI 30 share warrant. I prefer warrant from banking system, plantation and gaming like Genting because all this 3 sector will affected above 65% of KLCI index so if government need to keep support the index sure all this top 5 share will be well monitor and supported by all the fund they had ( like Valuecap, EPF and tabung haji) .

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Elvis2020 August 3, 2009 at 6:02 PM  

Basically, i look at general fundamentals for Malaysia by looking at the price of crude palm oil and crude oil. From the look at it, it's going up. Now, i read today that the market is overbought, hhhmmmm yup. But i also sense a play here by local funds. Since price of palm oil going up, i believe they move the money to the market to double it up. So they play around with free and greed. In essence, things are back to business.....i hope....then again i could be dead wrong...

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