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Asia Market Likely To Technical Correction On This Week

Asia market had going up since begin of April till now without a technical correction only move sideways during early of July before countinuen move up, same thing happen to Malaysia share market.

As most of us know the economic crisis is over and now is on the way to recovery process, I see warrant market is bound up strongly since last week and myself had invest into AMMB-CD and IOICRP-CJ to hope get fast profit. Warrant is a good tool to make money when market is go up with investor comfident level is high, however how the market bound up strongly it still need to correction so ever correction is a oppocunity to buy in. H1N1 still is the risk in investing into market now.


Elvis2020 August 13, 2009 at 6:27 PM  

Can you suggest more warrants bro? Or shares with potential to go up during this long term upward movement? Well, i think markets have a lot of catching up to do or perhaps some limit up along the way. I remember you are very cun in recommend shares before the crisis spoil the fun....maybe that time has come back....cheers to you bro....

Durian Edge August 17, 2009 at 7:45 AM  

Sorry to reply you Elvis2020 late, because I'm having a training so really did not find time to update my blog. At the end of my training will be a exam so really need concentration.

The time to buy in into share market is now and I think buying warrant will be the fastest way to make profit. I'm have target some warrant like AMMB-CD and IOICORP-CJ. This two share I had buy.

They are some new warrant had come into my radar scram and will share in my blog later this week.

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