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US$700bil George Bush money did not get through

US$700bil bailout did not get through, Bush with his chronies Bernenke and Paulson are lying to the public again by using fear and panic to force the congress to agree to a plan which is ill conceived. They have got the media behind them to brainwash the public. Look like this time the congress is not buying Bush idea.

Actually this plan is not in the public's interest but in the interest of the super rich, the well connected and the banking establishment. The insiders will engineer a stock market panic to scare the public into agreeing with their plan. The super rich insiders will buy the shares sold by the sheep who are caught up in fear and doom and gloom, after that rescue money go in to buy their super rich shares with high prices. Again and again the process go to make money for the super rich in US.

I think end of Nov 2008 after Obama win in the election, thing will start to change and slowly market will full with good news to prevent panic selling. Now it is good time to buy some quality shares in KLSE.


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